What to wear for your photos?

Let's face it. It is important. No pressure, but your outfit can make or break how you feel about your images. Here are some tips for what to wear in family portraits...

1. Take some time to plan it out. Think about what look and feel you want the photos to have. Go online to get inspiration. Do you want a vintage or more modern and simplistic look? Do you want to be more casual or dressy?

2. Pick a color scheme for family pictures (e.g. two to three main colors) and then add some pops of color.  If you’re planning on hanging the pictures in your home, you might find inspiration there. What colors do you decorate with? What colors make you feel good...look good?

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3. Let everyone put a little piece of their personality in the picture. Matching is hard, so don't try. Instead, compliment and coordinate. Sure, if you have some adorable little ones, matching can be totally cute, but usually matching everyone in the picture just doesn’t work, not to mention that you need layers and accessories for character and depth.

4. Go for classic if you can. You will have your photos hanging on your walls for years to come, so keep it simple and classic to make them more timeless.

5. Think Texture And Layers. It adds dimension to have some texture and layering in your outfits. For the boys, that’s usually a couple of shirts – may be a plain tee under a cool checked shirt, knit sweater or vest. For the girls that could mean a skirt, shirt, sweater, tights and maybe a hair accessory. A striped scarf over a plain shirt is a great layering piece without adding too much.

6. Limit patterns. I personally love to see a little pattern, but too much can ruin the look. A third of the people in varying sized-patterns can add some good interest, but not too much distraction.

7. Steer away from graphics. Your little one might love his superhero shirt, but graphics can be very distracting in a photo…just say “no"!

8. Accessories add a lot! Scarves, necklaces, hats, hair bows, and socks can really add interest. It’s that finishing touch that brings everything together. This is also where you can add your pops of color. Think about a colored headband, belt or bow that pulls the color scheme together.

9. Lay it out and take a picture. You can even send it to me if you'd like. Regardless, this lets you see it all together and know what it will look like.

10. Consider your background. Where are you taking pictures? Is it more industrial or urban…or out in nature? What you choose to wear should somewhat go with your setting. Also, if you’re taking pictures in a studio and going to use a black background, wearing black would make you disappear, so not a good idea. The same goes for white.

Finally, don’t forget the makeup... put on just a little more than usual. It’s true what they say, you need a touch more makeup to make your face come to life on camera. Smiles!