Some of My Favorite Places to Shoot Photos

Clients are always asking me where I most like to shoot photos. My simplest answer is "outdoors." I joke that "Mother Nature is my studio," but I honestly feel that way.  There are few "bad" places to shoot outdoors.  Okay, so I cannot make an overgrown weedy backyard look stellar at a wide-angle, but you would never notice it in the closeups.  That being said, just having natural light, greens, browns, matter what the season, outdoor photos rock!

And it is never too late or too early in the year.   Nothing is more fun than photos with hats and scarves for lots of colors and even snow photos.  The spring brings bright pops of color.  Summer is warm and let's face it, who does not look good with a tan?  And the fall, well everyone knows fall is a colorful time in the landscape.  And even heading into winter again...November light is gorgeous (it may even be my favorite month to shoot photos outdoors).       

But I digress.  Favorite actual location?  That depends on the look you want...  I've posted photos from some of the places where I shoot regularly so you can get a feel for them and see more of my work.  I am always open to new suggestions.   

We are blessed to have so many parks and beautiful spaces around Cincinnati.  So I will end where I started. Just take me outdoors....  Oh, and since the weather is not always nice or sometimes you need an indoor or covered location, I have added a few of those as well.  Also, these are in alphabetical order, not that of my preference...because I cannot seem to make it do otherwise.  Reach out to me with questions.  Smiles.   Elizabeth