HI all! I LOVE working with my clients to custom design cards for holidays, senior and engagement announcements, new babies, birthdays... for any occasion! 

My prices are very reasonable for a high end card (#130 paper and premium inks compared to most a #110) that is custom designed and edited for you - generally competitive with Tiny Prints for your own custom card!  Contact me for more information or see the blog entry on cards for some sample designs I've created for other people (many more available).

That being said, some people just want to design their own cards.  If you have your images and are a do-it -yourselfer or you want to mix your own images from the year alongside mine, please use these links to go to Shutterfly/Tiny Prints (Shutterfly purchased Tiny Prints earlier this year) and take advantage of the promotions available.  

Thank you for using these links.  I will receive a very small commission from your purchase.  THE BANNERS WILL TAKE YOU TO THE BEST CURRENT DEAL!  However, please note that if you switch from Shutterfly to Tiny Prints on their site, the link is broken, so come back here to change sites.  Thanks!

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Exclusive offer - Get 25% off your order at Shutterfly. Use code SFLY25OFF at check out. Valid 10/1-12/31

Thanks!  Smiles.  Elizabeth

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