Some of My Favorite Places to Shoot Photos

Clients are always asking me where I most like to shoot photos. My simplest answer is "outdoors." I joke that "Mother Nature is my studio," but I honestly feel that way.  There are few "bad" places to shoot outdoors.  Okay, so I cannot make an overgrown backyard look stellar, but just having natural light, greens, browns, matter what the season, outdoor photos rock!

And it is never too late!  November light is gorgeous.  It may even be my favorite month to shoot photos outdoors.  Though October color is beautiful, the bare trees leave the focus on the people.  And even into the winter, if you are happy to bundle up, the sun is not as harsh and who doesn't have fun with all the scarves and hats to brighten things up!

But I digress.  Favorite actual location?  Well one of them would have to be Eden Park...specifically, the twin lakes.   I take a lot of photos there year-round because it has so much to offer in a very small geographic area.  No one needs to pack a pair of gym shoes or hiking boots to get from one backdrop to another.

But I have many favorites.  I've posted some locations below, including the tradional ones...Eden, Ault, and Alms Park.  Withrow Nature Preserve is rustic and different, California Woods is great on a sunny day.  If you are a member, the Cincinnati Nature Center has gorgeous trails.  The new Smale park on the riverfront is great (but please note, they charge $150 per half hour to shoot photos at the Carousel).  There are also many places downtown and in Covington to get streetscape views and architecture.  I also post a few un-named little secret places, so forgive my keeping the actual location quiet!

We are blessed to have so many parks in the area. So I will end where I started. Just take me outdoors....     - Elizabeth